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  • Filled with professionals and aspiring individuals Profile Media Network will give you the perfect opportunity to gain as much knowledge as you need and ask all the questions that you have been waiting to be answered.

  • A lot of scouts, agents and managers attend Profile Media Network looking to sign new talent.

  • Profile Media Network is a great place to find job opportunities and project collaborations. With all fields of media attending the event it is a excellent way for people to find you that may require your services. At the event you can meet people to collaborate with each others personal portfolios or work on a project that you both can use for experience.

  • Ready to build you branding and create more exposure for yourself. Well at Profile Media Network you can do that. With plenty of people to promote yourself to and mingle with, gives you a huge opening to showcase your brand and give it the exposure that it needs. Bring your business cards and portfolios and show people your work. Share links to your website and increase your social networking following by connecting people your Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites.

What is Profile Media Network?

Profile Media Network is a monthly media networking event for individuals that are in the field of media. Allowing media based individuals to network face to face and build a bigger and wider range of contacts within the media industry. The event not only enables you to build up a larger contact list and better relationship through face to face networking but the event also empowers you to gain more knowledge of your field, more exposure to your target audience and gives you the chance of more job opportunities and project collaborations.


"You are the product invest into yourself."
-Mr England Vaughan Bailey

Who attends?

  • Models
  • Dancers
  • Actors
  • Presenters
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Camera/film
  • Directors


  • Producers
  • Musician
  • Stylist
  • Makeup artist
  • Graphic and illustrators
  • Comedians
  • Agents/managers

How much does the event cost?

To Attend the event is £5 which is to be paid on entry.

Successful events that have taken place:-

Soon to be established in the heart of London

“You are the product invest into yourself”

How do I attend the event?

To Attend the event email: with full names and field of media. The names then will be added to the guest list for you. The event is a invite only event however you are welcome to bring extra guests as long their names are sent via email to be added to the guest list. Any names that is not on the guest list will not me able to attend. Any individual can attend the event as long as they are professional or aspiring in the field of media.